Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mobile marketing is easy to start

When you look at a mobile phone, do you see a new revenue source or a way to increase customers? If you are a restaurant owner, you should! Mobile marketing is a channel that can help you increase profits and customer traffic. If mobile phones are the most popular and contemporary technology used by consumers today YOUR CUSTOMERS use them. Therefore, mobile marketing should be an integral part of your marketing strategies.
Integrating mobile marketing
It's easy and uncomplicated to add mobile marketing to your existing marketing mix. First, there is no inventory cost as with paper or plastic-based loyalty marketing programs. Secondly, there are several features available that can be tailored to your restaurant's specific needs. A mobile campaign can be completely based on text messaging. You can also utilize social media to make your message go viral and exponentially increase the value of your marketing effort.
Mobile tactics
Mobile marketing includes several different tactics. The first one is obvious: text messaging. This works well for most consumers because all mobile users have access to text messages. A second alternative is an actual mobile ad. These usually appear on free apps downloaded on smart phones. Mobile ads have a drawback in that they require the users to have a smartphone. Since smartphone use is somewhat limited compared to standard mobile phones, the number of customers that can view mobile ads is less in comparison to the number who can receive text messages. However, the use of smartphones is growing exponentially, so it is better to consider the use of both promotional methods.
Using text marketing
One benefit of SMS is that you can reach the entire customer list on your mobile database instantly at any time. Let's say the business is slow on a Tuesday evening. With few clicks, you could send text messages with a special offer to all the mobile subscribers who have opted for your restaurant's VIP mobile club. Literally, you have a power at a push of a button to fill up the empty seats in your restaurant in a few hours. Mobile text marketing can be that powerful.
Getting started
First, you can sign up with one of many mobile text marketing service providers. Then encourage your customers to sign up for your Mobile Text Club program by having customers send a short code via SMS text to a specified number.
Once they have subscribed, you can send them text messages in the form of text coupons. These messages enable customers to receive discounts on their next visit to your restaurant. This also supports their perception that your restaurant is trendy, understands the demands of the new digital age and consumers' desires to be recognized for their loyalty.
Promoting you texting campaign
All you need is a banner sign at the front counter and table tent at every table promoting your mobile text offer.
It'll say something like "Join our VIP Mobile Club to get your exclusive deals and offers. Enjoy our FREE taco when you sign up NOW. Text freetaco to 54894"
At the end of every month, you can check your monthly report to review statistics for your mobile marketing campaigns to ensure that they are successful. You can then tweak them as needed in your future campaigns as you gain more experience.

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