Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Lesson in Mobile Marketing

Over the past couple week I have had some opportunity to work closely with ECM provided me with a Pay-Per-Call offer that paid out $10 per phone call no matter the length. So… naturally I jumped on the opportunity to run traffic to the offer.
In the past I have marketed on mobile networks such as Admob, Inmobi, and Mojiva.  I knew for a fact that Admob offered a “click-to-call” function for their mobile advertisers (so does Inmobi, don’t know about Mojiva) so I chose to try out their traffic.  Basically what happens is when someone clicks on your advertisement they are shown a message that states “Are you sure you want to call XXXXXXXXXX” Then the person clicks call or cancel.  Now, the theory behind this is that if someone clicks the call button then they genuinely want to call your company.  At least that was my thought on this process.
Here was the first banner creative

This was the first creative that was used.  This was a text version of an Admob ad.  Originally the ad just said “Free Debt Elimination Kit – Call Now!”.  However, we noticed a terrible CTR for the offer.  Because we were sending traffic after business hours we assumed that people just weren’t clicking.  Most people know that if you call after business hours you will have to deal with an automated system instead of an actual phone operator. So to combat the issue we put on Call 24/7 to the ad to help ease people’s minds. 21k impressions, 130 clicks, 6 confirmed calls, $48.xx spend, average $0.30 a click. Not the best… so we moved to a banner ad approach so we could add more info to the creative.
Here was the second/final creative
This was an actual image instead of using the Admob default background and custom text.  Image ads on mobile networks allow you to add more content to the actual creative.  You can also see that we were pre-qualifying people by letting them know that if they click they will need to continue with a phone call to us. The creative also let the surfer know what they would be receiving for calling in.   1,316,753 impressions, 9,871 clicks, $1,353.50 spend (about $0.14 a click)… you ready for this?… 410 calls.  That’s $4,100.  AWESOME RIGHT?  Well… yes and no… The advertiser wasn’t too thrilled about the quality of traffic… Don’t worry… they’re going to pay up… but…
Here is what I learned
Mid day we received a report of the traffic quality.  Unfortunately it was quite low. And here’s why…
Any good marketer knows that they should always track their stats with a third party company. For this project I chose to go with (a phone number tracking service). Dynamicic also offers the option to record the phone call so that you can hear what exactly is going on. Out of my own curiousness for how the calls went I made sure to turn on the recording function from the beginning.  After we received the report from the advertiser I went back and listened to about 50 phone calls.  While some of them were indeed real people the majority were remnant noises of little kids… WHAT?  Yeah… little tykes making their little googoo gaga sounds.
So… While I did make a HUGE return for the investment, the quality of the actual phone call was utter $#!^ to say the least.  This venture in mobile marketing taught me that 85%+ clicks on the advertisement come from kids that are playing with their parents phone.  Now… Normally this wouldn’t be an issue but when you have an advertiser that is paying you for a phone call of ANY length then this is a critical matter that needs to be resolved.
That traffic was ran on Friday.  Right now the campaign is paused until I can get a full report as to the quality of the leads. If it’s extremely bad I’ll just ask for a pay decrease and hope that I can keep pushing traffic.  Even at a couple dollars a lead I’ll still be making oodles of dinero from this campaign.
Here’s some screen shots for you

I Use Mobile Monopoly


  Unlike other methods in marketing, mobile is a distinct channel that marketers can use to reach their target audience.

  four. Mobile marketing continues high growth trajectory. In aggregate, mobile marketing is projected to grow very 50 percent to $1.1 billion in 2011, according to eMarketer.

  You are missing a chance in case you do not have a mobile marketing strategy. According to Forrester Research, a mobile marketing agenda is on 75% if all marketers this year. As with any marketing program, you require to understand how the mobile landscape is evolving & how this affects your target audience. To understand why 2011 is the year to add mobile to your marketing mix, heres the narrow.
  one. SmartPhones are projected to reach a tipping point mid year this year. Theyll account for half of the mobile phone market says The Nielsen Company.
  two. With mobile, smartphones include over speaking. Smartphones is a mini or hand-held computer.
  three. How they use content has changed on mobile. As a result, they now multitask to get information. Mobile lets us do so quickly. Do you understand how to mobilize your website content for mobile reading? There is a difference between a computer monitor as well as a mobile phone screen.

  Isnt it time you got the 411 on mobile marketing? Isnt it about time you get up to speed & in to the glory path to increasing your income drastically before *all the rest* catch up to you?

  five, Mobile marketing spans the globe faster & more effectively than the computer can.

  Before you invest your time & money in mobile marketing, be positive to check in with an specialist in the field. Whether you are a seasoned marketer or a new beginner at mobile marketing dont fret.

  Open Letter:

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  Mobile marketing is new to everyone so its best to get the advice from the specialist!
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Adams new program, Mobile Monopoly over-delivers. Its not a site about mobile promotion, its a program designed to show you how & assist you in propelling you to promotion success using one-on-one phone coaching, every month webinars as well as inclusion in the new iPhone/Android mobile app -a double whamny for your business success!

Because of the novelty of mobile promotion youre mostly by yourself. The huge amount of information at your fingertips cam be a daunting task to understand & digest. Adam basically sifts through it all & interprets it in such a manner that will enable you to quickly focus on the proper mobile promotion methods best suited for you.

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Viral Marketing Goes Mobile

Viral Marketing Goes Mobile

Mobile devices, mobile phones and PDA’s are one of the last great frontiers of viral advertisement opportunities. Up until the past couple of years, the world of marketing has yet to inhabit your cell phone. Things are changing quickly and if you are lucky, you can get in front of a huge trend. We will show you how to make money with the swiftly growing world of mobile marketing.

The very idea of unwanted advertising streaming through our Blackberries is abhorrent. Mobile devices are the ultimate opt-in medium and, therefore, a great way for marketers to connect with users…if that’s what the users want. “WANT” is the key word here. How should marketers approach the medium?

There are three main ways to achieve this. They are:

    Offer exclusive content. Anyone can offer ring tones. It’s the unique content, such as exclusive mobile images of new brand concepts, that drives interest and calls them out in other media like e-mail campaigns, newsletters, websites, etc. So a wireless campaign is most effective when it offers exclusive content for wireless devices.

    Make it useful and timely. Think about what would be handy and helpful to have on a mobile device. Last year, for example, Food Network enabled Sprint customers to download shopping lists for their Thanksgiving dinners. There was a lot of “Sprint-envy” going around among non-sprint customers.

    Clearly define objectives. Usually, one of two business objectives drives successful mobile experiences: incremental revenue of brand intimacy. On the intimacy factor, a text message usually takes priority over almost any other form of communication. Why? Because we haven’t yet been saturated with mobile spam, and this is what causes us to prioritize wireless messaging over voice.

All-in all, mobile marketing is getting ready to blow up and everyone will soon want a piece of it. Get in on the action early while you still can and you will be set to walk away with some serious profits.

Here are some places you can get started advertising to mobile users.

To advertise on mobile devices, you will need to use one of the following mobile media platforms:

1. Admob - one of the first, also has affiliates who can promote your ad.

2. OfferMobi - a new up-and-coming mobile ad network, also offers affiliates.

3. Google Mobile Ads - advertise just like adsense, except on mobile devices.

4. Mozeo - a very powerful mobile marketing platform. Allows you to combine text messaging, video, surveys, contests, and more in your mobile marketing mix.

One of the easiest ways for you to profit almost instantly is by marketing affiliate programs to mobile users. Pay per call affiliate programs work extremely well when advertised on mobile phones. This is where you get a commission when people call you unique affiliate 1-800-number.

Need an affiliate program to advertise to mobile users? We recommend Pay Per Call affiliate programs for easy conversions:

1. Commission Junction - Just opened up new pay per call tracking for affiliates

2. Ingenio - pay per call ad platform recently bought by ATT - has great affiliate program where you get paid when an advertiser starts using pay per call to advertise their busines.

3. LinkShare - recently opened pay per call

Making Money With Mobile

Last month's release of Apple Computer Inc.'s iPad galvanized papers massive and little to evaluate how they can exploit a market that is poised to explode over the next several years.

If newspapers weren't already thinking about their mobile strategies before April three, they definitely are now.

But the iPad is only the latest in a long string of mobile devices competing for consumers' wallets. Other e-readers and smart rings, from the likes of Amazon, Plastic Logic, Google, Microsoft and Research In Motion, are also vying for position, and publishers require to make definite their products are available irrespective of platform.

The numbers justify the push. Borrell Associates last month said the mobile market will eclipse the $57 billion mark by 2014, over twenty times the $2.7 billion the sector generated in 2009.

Prepared to go

Publishers say they are prepared to move. In the last month or so, publishers, Freedom Communications, MediaNews Group and Journal Communications, signed deals with vendors to provide a mobile platform for their newspapers.

Freedom used its flagship Orange County (Calif.) Register as the site for its mobile news app engineered for smart phone users.

Others, such as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and The Associated Press, debuted iPad-specific apps, while The New York Times, among others, work to further create their own iPad-specific apps.

The Register's app is part of Freedom's aggressive strategy to launch a variety of mobile products over the next several months, said Claus Enevoldsen, director of interactive promotion at Freedom Interactive.

The app, developed by Handmark, allows iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows OS gizmo users to read Register tales on their mobile rings and also lets them interact with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

"We first launched a news app at the Orange County Register and they will quickly expand to over twenty other properties," he said, adding that Freedom expects to have all the apps rolled out groupwide by the finish
of June.

All About Mobile Marketing

Hostgator promotion codes

The power of marketing is known to any individuals or companies engaging in business, & innovative & inventive ways to promote the product to existing or new markets are being sought. This is so with regards to the developments in new technologies & application advancements, & of the novel ways that companies are adopting is mobile marketing. This is the commercial of a firm's goods through wireless networks, or basically put, over the mobile phone. The advantages of SMS marketing outweigh the flipsides, & as a result increasingly firms are adopting this type of marketing.

Mobile marketing involves sending text messages or multimedia messages to potential customers & has risen in popularity among most marketers. Text message marketing is more widespread than multimedia messaging due to the fact that all handsets support SMS while it is likely that some rings lack multimedia services. Mobile marketing fundamentally entails the use of mobile short-codes as domains allowing potential clients to send a message to the brand wherever they are. Then through some special in-built application, the brand can perform actions such as answer the consumers. Through a mobile operator, a brand will permit its consumers to select to get the messages & to opt out of receiving the messages.

The main advantages of mobile marketing include the fact that it allows a brand to communicate directly with the consumers, sending custom-made messages that are specifically targeted at the recipient. It is a fruitful investment of marketing capital since the personalization of the message & specificity ensures the target audience & intended message is communicated as against other forms of marketing in which unconcerned audiences are not excluded from the commercial. The brand can conduct polls, get the views of the customers, send links to their sites & perform a market research through such enhanced communication. Through mobile marketing, the brand is also able to keep away from interceptions & vandalism that usually accompanies other forms of marketing & as a result make positive the intended message reaches the target.

The only disadvantage that accompanies use of mobile marketing is the fact that if uncontrolled it is a kind of spamming the mobile subscriber with undesirable messages, which may have the counter effect of shooing them away from your product. This has however been overcome through regulation of this type of marketing & the setting up of best practice standards. A nice example of this is the provision for the targeted customer to freely select if to get the messages, & an option to quit receiving them by sending a message with the word "stop".

Although the short codes that are necessary by a brand to undertake mobile marketing are not cheap & may appear unbearable to tiny traders, there's several ways to go about this including through a lot of firms agreeing to come together & subscribe to a short code as a unit in order to spread the every month charges. Besides, the advantages of mobile marketing to your business far outweigh the cost of undertaking it.

 Mobile Money System

5 Tips To Successful Mobile Marketing

You’ve been hearing how hot mobile marketing is and you’re about to jump in with both feet, hold on-not so fast
Although marketing to mobile phones IS the hottest marketing concept to come down the pike since the invention of the home computer; it still takes some research to understand the differences between web and mobile marketing to ensure success.

Recently one of my clients called me for coaching on mobile marketing-we’ll call him Mike for the sake of anonymity. Mike spent over $400 to run mobile ads on ad servers and got skunked. I can’t remember the last time I got skunked. Actually once I understood the need for research and testing-and retesting I was able to navigate any environment I was about to advertise in.

Unfortunately Mike didn’t check out the mobile environment he entered. He believed in the ‘pie in the sky’ emails he received daily that promised a boat-load of cash if he just dipped his marketing fish-pole in the mobile water. And so he did. He began promoting Click Bank products. What Mike didn’t know was that he ignored the barriers that exist between mobile phones and the many mobile unfriendly Click Bank products.
He also didn’t realize that the buying process using credit cards is different on mobile phones. He also didn’t think of the physical barrier either. Typing on many mobile phones is a daunting task-thus a huge barrier. Normal size fingers typing in credit card numbers and other required information on the small window mobile phone usually results in a lost sale. It’s easy to understand why buying abandonment statistics are 80% for such products. (Android X by Motorola now has a huge 3×4 screen which makes typing easier).

He would also have learned that Europe, especially Germany and the UK, is an excellent geo-target for mobile phone products. Europeans are far ahead of the United States. They have been using mobile phones for many years due to the lack of land line availability. As a matter of fact mobile phones in Germany are nicknamed “throw aways.”

Mike should have done his homework. He should have researched the product to remove all of these and other barriers. If he would have, he would have recognized the difference between web and mobile-ready products. If he did he would have tailored his campaign differently. After our lengthy conversation Mike realized what he needed to do.

Here are the 5 steps he took for his very successful second try at mobile marketing
1. Put together a goal
This simply means to define your target audience. Mobile marketing requires it and it’s easy to do.

2. Define your target
 Target demographics, age, platform, brand and country and finally define your run time, including dates and times.

3. Find the appropriate product.
Once the first two points have been identified, next move to choose the right electronic
down loadable product

4. Choose the ad serving platform
Ad serving platforms are a dime a dozen. Not all are all good and not all are all bad, they vary in offerings and of course if you’ve chosen one that won’t fit your needs your results will suffer. Choosing an ad server is easy once you recognize the portals where your ad will be served up. Learn this before you run any campaign.

5.  Run the ad and track the results
Running and setting up the ad is easy, the hard part is in the tracking. Mike didn’t believe in tracking and that’s bad. If you don’t know the history of your run how would you know what to tweak the second time around?