Wednesday, September 28, 2011

All About Mobile Marketing

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The power of marketing is known to any individuals or companies engaging in business, & innovative & inventive ways to promote the product to existing or new markets are being sought. This is so with regards to the developments in new technologies & application advancements, & of the novel ways that companies are adopting is mobile marketing. This is the commercial of a firm's goods through wireless networks, or basically put, over the mobile phone. The advantages of SMS marketing outweigh the flipsides, & as a result increasingly firms are adopting this type of marketing.

Mobile marketing involves sending text messages or multimedia messages to potential customers & has risen in popularity among most marketers. Text message marketing is more widespread than multimedia messaging due to the fact that all handsets support SMS while it is likely that some rings lack multimedia services. Mobile marketing fundamentally entails the use of mobile short-codes as domains allowing potential clients to send a message to the brand wherever they are. Then through some special in-built application, the brand can perform actions such as answer the consumers. Through a mobile operator, a brand will permit its consumers to select to get the messages & to opt out of receiving the messages.

The main advantages of mobile marketing include the fact that it allows a brand to communicate directly with the consumers, sending custom-made messages that are specifically targeted at the recipient. It is a fruitful investment of marketing capital since the personalization of the message & specificity ensures the target audience & intended message is communicated as against other forms of marketing in which unconcerned audiences are not excluded from the commercial. The brand can conduct polls, get the views of the customers, send links to their sites & perform a market research through such enhanced communication. Through mobile marketing, the brand is also able to keep away from interceptions & vandalism that usually accompanies other forms of marketing & as a result make positive the intended message reaches the target.

The only disadvantage that accompanies use of mobile marketing is the fact that if uncontrolled it is a kind of spamming the mobile subscriber with undesirable messages, which may have the counter effect of shooing them away from your product. This has however been overcome through regulation of this type of marketing & the setting up of best practice standards. A nice example of this is the provision for the targeted customer to freely select if to get the messages, & an option to quit receiving them by sending a message with the word "stop".

Although the short codes that are necessary by a brand to undertake mobile marketing are not cheap & may appear unbearable to tiny traders, there's several ways to go about this including through a lot of firms agreeing to come together & subscribe to a short code as a unit in order to spread the every month charges. Besides, the advantages of mobile marketing to your business far outweigh the cost of undertaking it.

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